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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a cyclocross bike?

Nope. You may ride a cyclocross, mountain, hybrid, road, single-speed or fixed-gear bicycle. Just make sure it’s in safe and working condition


Do I have to have some type of license to race?

Yes. Utah Cyclocross is USA Cycling-sanctioned. You will need to purchase a 1-day license on biker when you register for the race or purchase an annual license from the USA Cycling website.

What category should I race in?

You can view category descriptions here. If you have additional questions send us a message.


Can I race a 2nd race?

Absolutely. It’s $20 for a 2nd race. Make sure you get a new number from the registration table. Every category has a different number series assigned.


I lost my race number, now what?

$5 to get a new number. Visit the registration table.

Is Kiddie Cross free?

Yes. Kiddie Cross is for 10 and under. Strider and peddle bikes are welcome. They typically do 2-3 laps of a shortened course. 


I can’t make it to the race I registered for, what are my options?

You can transfer the registration to a different race in the 2023 season. 


How are series awards calculated?

More info on that HERE


Can I warm up before my race?

The course is open from 8:30-9. You will have a few minutes after every race ends and before the next race starts.

Where is the best place to watch?

Everywhere is the best answer! Come to the event and walk the course to see the action from different places. 


Are races ever canceled?

Cyclocross is more fun in the rain and mud. We wouldn’t cancel a race unless the weather puts racers/spectators in danger (ie; lightning). Races are also contingent on the venue. If they don’t want us to race in the weather conditions. We will do our best to reschedule the race to another date or venue.


Are headphones allowed?



Do I have to have a single-speed bike to race in the single-speed category?

No. You can zip-tie your gears or race with no batteries. 


Can I bring alcohol?

We do hold some races in public parks and schools. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, the illegal possession, use, or dissemination of drugs or any controlled substances is illegal in public parks in Utah.   

If you have any other questions please reach out! 

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