UTCX Bike & Equipment Rules​​

  • Participants in non-“A” categories may ride a cyclocross, mountain, hybrid, road, single-speed or fixed-gear bicycle. Run what ya brung, just make sure it’s in safe and working condition. Only single-speed or fixed gear bicycles with one front chainring and one rear cog are allowed in the single-speed category race.

  • Participants in all “A” categories must ride a bike with drop handlebars. We don’t care how fat a rider’s tires are (i.e., no 33mm rule), but if you’re racing in the “A” categories, at least make it look like you’re riding a cyclocross bike. You know, for pictures and stuff.

  • All bicycles must have working hand-operated brakes. Disc brakes, cantilever brakes, V-brakes, U-brakes, hub/drum brakes, and/or sidepulls will all be acceptable if they fit your bike and are functional. Save the nobrake fixie skids for the alley-cat races downtown.

  • NO bar-ends are allowed on mountain bikes, hybrids, or any bikes with a traditional flat or riser mountain bike bar. NO aero-bars or other forward handlebar extensions are allowed on bikes with drop handlebars. They look silly, and can be dangerous in tight racing conditions, especially in mud, ice, and snow. In addition, all handlebars must be plugged, because while you may not mind having a core sample taken of your thigh in a crash, others might not be as understanding.
  • NO iPods or other headphones/earphone devices may be worn during a race. Sing if you need music that badly. We promise we won’t make fun of you. Much.

  • All riders are required to wear an ANSI or other approved helmet at all times while on the course, and it is strongly recommended that a helmet be worn at any other time riders are on their bicycle, before or after their race, in the parking lot, etc.

  • Riders must always have a valid number plate on their bike(s). If you have a spare bike or bikes, each bike must have a valid number plate. If you ride multiple races per day, you must change your number plates on all bikes for each wave. Riders who do not have valid number plates for the wave being run may be prevented from starting or pulled from the race.

  • Number plates are not to be trimmed except in the designated corners for mounting due to brake cables/levers. Riders who have trimmed their number plates outside of the designated areas may be required to purchase replacement plates. If the Race Official can’t see your number, he cannot credit you with your correct finish placing, and series points cannot be awarded. You want your placing and points, and we want to give them to you, and we want accuracy to be the rule, not a bonus.

  • Spare wheels, bikes and tools must be placed in the marked service pit area(s). If you have a mechanical during a race, you must always maintain forward progress on the course. The only time it is acceptable to go backwards on the course is if you are less than a bike length past an entrance to the service pit and do not have to cut across the course. Racers may not cross tapelines or other course markings at any time during a race, unless they are withdrawing.