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 General Rules

Season Numbers:

Everyone (except for kiddie Cross) needs to have a number. You will be using the same number for the WHOLE season. You will need to purchase a second number if:

  • You forgot your number, new number $5.

  • You lost your number, new number $5.

  • You are racing in two (or more) categories. All racers must have appropriate numbers for their category.





                                                        Correct Number placement                                  WRONG

Categories and Registration:

  1. Have Fun! This is the first and last rule of the Utah Cyclocross Series.

  2. All UTCX races are USA Cycling sanctioned. To race you need a one day or annual USA Cycling license. One day license can be purchased on bike reg or day of registration. Annual licenses MUST be purchased online via USA Cycling website. Check our social media for discounts.

  3. A rider’s racing age shall match their USA Cycling racing age. Since the national and international cyclocross season is considered to be from September 1 of the current year to the end of February of the following year, a rider’s racing age shall be his or her age on December 31 of the following year, e.g. in 2013, a rider’s racing age shall be his or her age on 12/31/2014.

  4. All racers must check in at registration to make sure that your entry and waiver have been completed and active USAC license. If you your name is not on the start list you will be pulled from the race and/or you will not receive a race result.

  5. Pick your category wisely.  The promoter reserves the right to upgrade at his discretion. (Category description posted here)

  6. Clydesdale class is for male racers weighing an absolute minimum of 200 pounds. All Clydesdale competitors must weigh in at race registration. Anyone weighing in at less than 210# must reweigh dressed in just bike shorts, socks and t-shirt.

  7. For insurance purposes, there will be absolutely NO jumping in the race and “registering or signing your waiver” after the race. If your name and number are not on the start-list you will be pulled from the race and will be disqualified.


Individual Rider Rules:

  1. Riders must always have a valid number plate on their person. If you ride multiple races per day, you must change your number for each race.

  2. Number plates are not to be trimmed.

  3. Spare wheels, bikes and tools must be placed in the marked service pit area(s). If you have a mechanical during a race, you must always maintain forward progress on the course. The only time it is acceptable to go backwards on the course is if you are less than a bike length past an entrance to the service pit and do not have to cut across the course.

  4. The course is open 30 minutes prior to the first race starting. A short warm up period is provided before the start of each race, after the previous race has finished.

  5. If riders are not actively racing, they may not ride through the finishing straight or across the finish line.

  6. Hand-ups will be allowed at any point on the course other than the finishing straight, provided riders and/or support people do not interfere with the conduct of the race, another racer, and do not cut the course.


Bikes and Equipment:

  1. Participants may ride a cyclocross, mountain, hybrid, road, single-speed or fixed-gear bicycle. Just make sure it’s in safe and working condition. We don’t care how fat a rider’s tires are (i.e., no 33mm rule).

  2. All bicycles must have working hand-operated brakes.

  3. NO bar-ends are allowed on mountain bikes, hybrids, or any bikes with a traditional flat or riser mountain bike bar. NO aero-bars or other forward handlebar extensions are allowed on bikes with drop handlebars.

  4. NO headphones/earphone devices may be worn during a race.

  5. All riders are required to wear a helmet at all times while on the bike.


Code of Conduct:

  1. If you come across a rider in obvious distress due to injuries or who is otherwise physically unable to continue, then please stop, assess the situation, render assistance if necessary and/or notify event staff/volunteers at the start/finish area if you are able to safely leave the rider needing assistance.

  2. The Utah Cyclocross Series strives to be a family-friendly event, and races are held in public parks and venues. There may be spectators or other users of the venue, including small children, who do not understand the traditions of cycling in general, and of cyclocross in particular. Please treat other users of our race venues with respect, as we want to continue to be invited back. Be a nice person

  3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, the illegal possession, use or dissemination of drugs or any controlled substances and public urination are illegal in public parks in Utah.

  4. Rule interpretations and/or changes will be made at the Race Official and/or Promoter’s sole discretion. Please police yourselves and don’t put the Race Official and/or the Promoter into a situation where we must actively enforce the rules. We want to have fun just like you, but we have to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

  5. Have Fun! As previously indicated, this is the first and last rule of the Utah Cyclocross Series.

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