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UTCX General Rules


Season Numbers :

Everyone (except for kiddie Cross) needs to have a number. You will be using the same number for the WHOLE season. You will need to purchase a second number if:

  • You forgot your number, new number $10.

  • You lost your number, new number $10.

  • You are racing in two (or more) categories. All racers must have appropriate numbers for their category.

Categories and Registration:

  1. Have Fun! This is the first and last rule of the Utah Cyclocross Series.

  2. Racing Age: UTCX is a USA Cycling sanctioned series. A rider’s racing age shall match their USA Cycling racing age. Since the national and international cyclocross season is considered to be from September 1 of the current year to the end of February of the following year, a rider’s racing age shall be his or her age on December 31 of the following year, e.g. in 2013, a rider’s racing age shall be his or her age on 12/31/2014.

  3. In general, lap times will be tracked. Any riders that are consistently putting in top-10 lap times for the next higher category may be asked to upgrade. No series points will be carried with you to your next category, but do not worry about that little detail. You just upgraded. Congratulations!

  4. All racers must check in at registration to make sure that your entry and waiver have been completed and active USAC license. If this is your first UTCX race for the series you will receive your race number. If you already have your race number you still much check in at registration before the start of your race.

  5. If a rider participates in multiple categories per day (for example, single-speed and age-group), you must have a different race number for each category.

  6. For insurance purposes, there will be absolutely NO jumping in the race and “registering or signing your waiver” after the race. If your name and number are not on the start-list you will be pulled from the race and may be disqualified.


Individual Rider Rules and Race Conduct:

  1. Riders must always have a valid number plate on their person. If you ride multiple races per day, you must change your number for each race. Riders who do not have valid number for the race being run may be prevented from starting or pulled from the race.

  2. Number plates are not to be trimmed. If the Race Official can’t see your number, he cannot credit you with your correct finish placing, and series points cannot be awarded. You want your placing and points, and we want to give them to you, and we want accuracy to be the rule, not a bonus.

  3. Spare wheels, bikes and tools must be placed in the marked service pit area(s). If you have a mechanical during a race, you must always maintain forward progress on the course. The only time it is acceptable to go backwards on the course is if you are less than a bike length past an entrance to the service pit and do not have to cut across the course. Racers may not cross tapelines or other course markings at any time during a race, unless they are withdrawing.

  4. Riders withdrawing from a race may leave the course and return to the start/finish area as long as they do not have to cut across any other part of the course to do so; otherwise they must continue forward progress on the course until they reach an area where they may safely leave the course and return to the start/finish area without crossing the course. Riders exiting the course may not re-enter at any time during the remainder of that race. It is requested that riders withdrawing from a race notify the Race Officials when they do so.

  5. If riders are not actively racing, they are not permitted to ride on the course, unless the Race Officials have explicitly declared that the course is open for warm-up laps. You wouldn’t like it if someone else was riding on the course during your race. Please give riders in categories racing prior to your event the same courtesy. You may not think that you’re interfering with another person’s race, but that isn’t your decision to make.

  6. If riders are not actively racing, they may not ride through the finishing straight or across the finish line. EVER. Especially not during warm-up laps when there may still be stragglers from the previous race trying to finish. That’s when the Race Official is working hardest to ensure that all finishing riders are accurately scored and placed, and he/she really doesn’t like having to make corrections after the fact because riders who aren’t in the race being scored interfere with his sightline and cause him/her to miss a finishing rider. The Promoter and/or Course Designer will do their best to ensure there is an easily accessible deviation around the finishing straight for use during warm-up laps.


Bikes and Equipment:

  1. Participants may ride a cyclocross, mountain, hybrid, road, single-speed or fixed-gear bicycle. Run what ya brung, just make sure it’s in safe and working condition. We don’t care how fat a rider’s tires are (i.e., no 33mm rule), but if you’re racing in the “A” categories, at least make it look like you’re riding a cyclocross bike. You know, for pictures and stuff.

  2. All bicycles must have working hand-operated brakes. Disc brakes, cantilever brakes, V-brakes, U-brakes, hub/drum brakes, and/or sidepulls will all be acceptable if they fit your bike and are functional. Save the nobrake fixie skids for the alley-cat races downtown.

  3. NO bar-ends are allowed on mountain bikes, hybrids, or any bikes with a traditional flat or riser mountain bike bar. NO aero-bars or other forward handlebar extensions are allowed on bikes with drop handlebars. They look silly, and can be dangerous in tight racing conditions, especially in mud, ice, and snow. In addition, all handlebars must be plugged, because while you may not mind having a core sample taken of your thigh in a crash, others might not be as understanding.

  4. NO headphones/earphone devices may be worn during a race. Sing if you need music that badly. We promise we won’t make fun of you. Much.

  5. All riders are required to wear an ANSI or other approved helmet at all times while on the course, and it is strongly recommended that a helmet be worn at any other time riders are on their bicycle, before or after their race, in the parking lot, etc.



  1. If you come across a rider in obvious distress due to injuries or who is otherwise physically unable to continue, then please stop, assess the situation, render assistance if necessary and/or notify event staff/volunteers at the start/finish area if you are able to safely leave the rider needing assistance.

  2. The Promoter may designate a feed zone, but will permit hand ups at any point on the course other than the finishing straight, provided riders and/or support people do not interfere with the conduct of the race, another racer, and do not cut the course.

  3. The Utah Cyclocross Series strives to be a family-friendly event, and races are held in public parks and venues. There may be spectators or other users of the venue, including small children, who do not understand the traditions of cycling in general, and of cyclocross in particular. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and public urination are illegal in public parks in Utah. Please treat other users of our race venues with respect, as we want to continue to be invited back. Please exercise discretion with regards to your public behavior.

  4. In general, failure to follow any of the aforementioned rules may result in the following:

    • Warning (1st offense). No loss of placing or series points.

    • Relegation (2nd offense). Riders will still be credited with the minimum number of series points awarded to all finishers.

    • Disqualification from the race (3rd offense). No series points will be awarded. No refunds will be given.

    • Disqualification from the series (4th offense). All series points previously awarded will be revoked. No refunds will be given.

  5. Rule interpretations and/or changes will be made at the Race Official and/or Promoter’s sole discretion. The aforementioned penalties are general guidelines, and may be accelerated depending on severity of the offense. Please police yourselves and don’t put the Race Official and/or the Promoter into a situation where we must actively enforce the rules. We don’t like getting uptight. This isn’t a road race. We want to have fun just like you, but we have to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

  6. You must follow the instructions of the Race Official and the Promoter at all times. The decisions of the Race Official and the Promoter are final. Confrontational arguing, fighting, foul language, threatening behavior and the like will not be tolerated and you will be subject to disqualification and/or loss of series points for engaging in this behavior. You may also be asked to leave the race venue immediately. Serious or multiple incidents will lead to your being barred from racing in the Series. No refunds will be given.

  7. Have Fun! As previously indicated, this is the first and last rule of the Utah Cyclocross Series.

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